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The simplest way of securing your electronic interchanges!


Backed up by sound experience in electronic interchanges, traceability and interchange security, SERES is launching its secured web mail service Doc@mail. An innovative solution that is just as simple and as universal as e-mail but which guarantees much greater security, reliability and confidentiality, thus making it possible to exchange large volumes and sensitive or confidential material (calls for tender, contracts, notification to attend board meetings, etc.).

The Doc@mail solution ensures the traceability of interchanges while offering real time monitoring of the status of your transmissions. It uses message coding for greater security and offers confidentiality according to one of four available levels selected by the sender.

Doc@mail also ensures message authenticity thanks to partner authentification and, as an option, electronic signature with an electronic certificate issued by Certinomis (subsidiary of Doc@post of the La Poste group).

Accessible via a simple internet browser, quick to roll out and helping you control costs, the Doc@mail web mail service provides companies and organisations with a simple, reliable solution to security issues that are not available with standard messaging services.

"With the launch of this new product, we are pursuing with our aim to diversify. Our objective is to offer clients all the paperless services required for the full range of their business interchanges," states Amel Bouaissi, Sales and Marketing Director at Seres. "As we already offer secured paperless services between EDI type information systems, web-EDI, tax-compliant paperless invoices, paperless exchanges with the public services, etc., Doc@mail means we now cover a new aspect of dematerialisation - i.e. interchanges via electronic messaging services - where security and reliability are just as crucial."