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SERES presents Doc@flow, a single SaaS solution to manage document workflow


To meet the expectations of companies and government departments wishing to optimise their internal approval processes, and in an economic and legislative context inclined towards paperless documentation, SERES offers Doc@flow, an innovative SaaS solution to support the automated circulation of documents within an organisation.

Combined with Doc@sign, SERES group's electronic signature engine, Doc@flow sets the foundations for its electronic signature record product. The electronic signature record is used to circulate electronic documents for comments, approval or sign-off in collaborative mode following a predetermined approval circuit (simple by authorised profiles, by electronic signature as an option or in workflow mode), completely securely and stress-free!.

Doc@flow: a powerful module to speed up circulation and optimise in-house processes.

Doc@flow routes internal documents securely throughout the various stages before approval. This powerful module consequently manages the process by which documents are circulated within an organisation.

Digitisation output approval workflow, ordering and invoicing workflow, document workflow, HR, Intranet, Web EDI, and CRM are just some of the possible applications for integrating the Doc@flow solution.

Simplicity, responsiveness, security and traceability are assured with this tool, a new partner for all businesses and government departments seeking optimised document workflow!.